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Graphics, User Interfaces How would I describe today's GUIs? A mess. -- A mess that grew as new features were needed, with lack of proper design, with a desire to keep backward compatibility, and with tools from the past trying to achieve future needs. I propose a new design philosophy for GUIs. We'll call it Vermaden's GUI. Note: This is the latest entry in our 2008 article contest.
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Vermaden's GUI
by Kebabbert on Thu 22nd May 2008 05:56 UTC
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Linus Torvalds setting the trend of calling his creation Linux. Vermaden and other follows.

Some could say it is a bit arrogant to call it Linux, or to start a conference speech with "I am your God", or to... etc etc.

Stallman said "Well, I do not call it [my creation] Stallmanix".

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