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Graphics, User Interfaces How would I describe today's GUIs? A mess. -- A mess that grew as new features were needed, with lack of proper design, with a desire to keep backward compatibility, and with tools from the past trying to achieve future needs. I propose a new design philosophy for GUIs. We'll call it Vermaden's GUI. Note: This is the latest entry in our 2008 article contest.
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RE: Well, not really
by evangs on Thu 22nd May 2008 06:12 UTC in reply to "Well, not really"
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Most of your criticisms just come down to style. Your "improved" anjuta screenshot is basically just Anjuta with less space between widgets. In some cases that makes it looks better (like the tabs in the middle panes, which now look attached) and sometimes it makes things worse (the menu and toolbar at the top look horribly cluttered) but really this is just a matter of taste. You like minimalist styles, but not everyone does.

That's what I thought when I read through the article. He likes minimalist styles without visible borders, and prefers invisible 1px separators over fatter ones.

I personally like Anjuta the way it is and didn't like the mockup with the separators. I found it too "cramped".

Again, that's just down to personal preference.

>> I propose creating a whole GUI by separating the available content in a simple, sensible manner, managed by one simple efficient mechanism or algorithm responsible for efficient usage of available window space, responsible for placing all window items. Does that sound interesting?

You just described layouts. Which is the base of most UI toolkits I've used.

That gave me a WTF moment too. Layout managers already exist. They're much harder to use than traditional NULL layouts, but they exist in GTK, Qt, wxWidgets, Java Swing, even AWT, and practically any semi-modern GUI toolkit.

I don't know what the authors qualifications are, but my experience in the commercial world with regards to GUIs is that they're like art. Show your GUI mockup to 10 people, and you'll get 10 contradicting reports back. Some of the criticism is useful and constructive, but the majority tends to make you go WTF?

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