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Graphics, User Interfaces How would I describe today's GUIs? A mess. -- A mess that grew as new features were needed, with lack of proper design, with a desire to keep backward compatibility, and with tools from the past trying to achieve future needs. I propose a new design philosophy for GUIs. We'll call it Vermaden's GUI. Note: This is the latest entry in our 2008 article contest.
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Something new ?
by bersace on Thu 22nd May 2008 08:37 UTC
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I'm using glade to design Gtk+ and i find that your separator idea looks just like Gtk+. See .

I don't think that separators are a good idea. Container are enough. Because it's a pain to manage all that separators. Then you'll need SeperatorManager to layout those separator and you end up like Qt/Cocoa/AWT/Swing with those LayoutManager i hate.

Actually, the true problem of Gtk+ is consistency of widgets. It's currently done using some helper, but that's very limited. One big issue is for custom widget and canvas widget. Most of the time it's hard to get something actually themable (except colors).


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