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Features, Office According to BetaNews, Microsoft has announced that they will support OpenDocument (ODF) and PDF in Office 2007 SP2. This comes as a major victory not only for and its offshoots, but also for open source in general. Microsoft is planning on making Office 2007 SP2 available in the first half of 2009.
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I will not belive them unless I see it myself
by AnXa on Thu 22nd May 2008 11:28 UTC
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Come on, they are Microsoft.

They will promise something to get some attention although they have no will to fill those promises.

Having ODF implemented directly into Microsoft Office is just a response for those British schools who told and complained to EU about MSO's dificulties with currect ODF implementations.

Remember OS/2, Microsoft made Os/2 Warp printing system to the point it was so hard to use that people opted Windows printing system and Windows 3.11 instead... It was just pure sabotage so that Windows would look more advanced.

I think they are trying same trick here. Saying that Office supports ODF althought implementation is not useful in anyway you can imagine.

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