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Windows Vista has not exactly been a massive market success. Sales numbers might be satisfactory due to OEM agreements, but press and public reception have been terrible, and there are several recurring themes in the complaints from people. Microsoft took five of these recurring themes, and addressed them in a document called 'Five Misunderstood Features in Windows Vista'.
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Spin City
by lefty78312 on Thu 22nd May 2008 13:24 UTC
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What a crock. I don't misunderstand the features. The average 10-year-old can figure out better ways to handle the user interface. And that bold-faced lie about the Search feature being slow because it searches everything on your hard drive. The first time I ran Search in Vista, it managed to miss every single one of the 60,000 mp3s I had on the hard drive at that time, because they weren't in indexed locations. Search CAN find them, if it's properly set up, but it runs slow whether they're indexed or not. And it sometimes takes minutes to copy individual files from one folder to another.

If those features are so misunderstood by Windows users, why don't Mac and Linux users misunderstand the same features on their OSes? Hint: because they were better-designed.

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