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GNU, GPL, Open Source More often than not, the question arises on OSNews why certain projects or pieces of abandonware aren't released as open source software. Supposedly, this would speed up development, facilitate the growth of a community, all that jazz associated with open source development. Here are four projects I'd like to see released under a MIT license.
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by bert64 on Fri 23rd May 2008 08:27 UTC
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I agree entirely that AmigaOS should be open sourced, the current situation is absolutely farcical..
They are trying to make money selling a small niche product, which is never going to work... The Amiga platform has been like that ever since Commodore went under, a small number of software companies trying to wring a few cents out of the ever shrinking Amiga community by selling trivial tools that were free/standard on other platform... For instance, it was possible to buy a "finger" and a "telnet" client for the Amiga.
All this did was render the Amiga an unaffordable platform for using the internet, which drove masses of users to other platforms.

And now the situation with OS4 is even more ridiculous, development progressed at a snails pace, the resulting OS is artificially tied to a very limited set of hardware that isn't even being manufactured anymore, was only ever manufactured in small quantities, and if you can find used hardware on ebay or such it costs more than when it was new. And this hardware is now horrendously obsolete by today's standards, yet costs more than high end kit. And all in the name of "preventing piracy"...

They seem to forget that piracy made the Amiga a successful platform, Piracy made Microsoft successful, when you're small piracy brings you a user base that you wouldn't have otherwise. Who exactly is going to spend $1500+ to try an unknown OS they've never seen before?

They don't even enable you to run AmigaOS on a generic PPC system, old macs are fairly cheap these days, if it weren't for their stupidity AmigaOS could have many more users than it does now. Some die hard Amiga fans simply cannot afford the hardware to run OS4, some people are just curious about trying it, some people (myself included) used the Amiga years ago and would be more than happy to play with a modern one, but not pay more than a modern high end apple system for an outdated second user machine with no warrantee, support or parts availability.

As it currently stands, they're never going to make any money from AmigaOS, it will just wither away and be forgotten.

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