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Multimedia, AV Many of us grew up with the idea of the component audio system. A receiver (or a separate preamplifier and amplifier), tuner (radio), record player, tape deck, and later on a CD player. If you were into more fancy stuff, you had a DAT or MiniDisc deck as well. While some of us cling on to this mindset like there's no tomorrow, the real world seems to favour a different method of consuming music. According to Erica Ogg (what's in a name), the component audio system is on its way out - thanks to the iPod and the commoditisation of music.
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yeah but
by bullethead on Fri 23rd May 2008 15:29 UTC
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I to have spent over $30,000 USD on audio equipment for just a 2 channel setup (the whole thing, vinyl, tubes, SACD, CD, and PC Audio).

I don't have anything against digital downloads except the mass market lack of quality. Recently I have been seeing 24bit 96khz FLAC downloads become available from Linn recordings and even Nine Inch Nails.

My question is what is a good real time low latency Linux distro to use to play back these files through my USB DAC? You can get excellent sound from the PC if done correctly...

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