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Multimedia, AV Many of us grew up with the idea of the component audio system. A receiver (or a separate preamplifier and amplifier), tuner (radio), record player, tape deck, and later on a CD player. If you were into more fancy stuff, you had a DAT or MiniDisc deck as well. While some of us cling on to this mindset like there's no tomorrow, the real world seems to favour a different method of consuming music. According to Erica Ogg (what's in a name), the component audio system is on its way out - thanks to the iPod and the commoditisation of music.
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Audiophiles are alive and well...
by _yc_ on Sat 24th May 2008 13:12 UTC
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Older components are simply being replaced by newer, more modern components. I for one prefer the higher end systems and I think it is because I have gotten used to it. Once you get used to higher end systems you really miss the details and sound stage that the higher end stuff gives you. Although I must admit that I have heard some great sound from very inexpensive setups these days.

I rarely play CDs anymore, I have an AppleTV and a SqueezeBox that streams most of my music from a huge ReadyNAS disk, not to mention my iPod ;) . I currently have a 3 zone system. My equipment includes Paradigm AVM 30 pre-amp, MCA-50, pva 7 and pva 5 amps, I use paradigm v3 studio 100 and 60 speakers and some older jm-lab electra and cobalt speakers. I have gotten those over the years and it may be time to upgrade. They really sound great and I know many people who really appreciate the difference in the sound. For portability I think the iPod is really nice.

Most people are happy with some very decent sound that you can get inexpensively these days. But once you listen to the high end stuff, you will notice the difference and you will not want to go back. ;)

It's like HDTV vs Standard Definition TV. ;)


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