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Multimedia, AV Many of us grew up with the idea of the component audio system. A receiver (or a separate preamplifier and amplifier), tuner (radio), record player, tape deck, and later on a CD player. If you were into more fancy stuff, you had a DAT or MiniDisc deck as well. While some of us cling on to this mindset like there's no tomorrow, the real world seems to favour a different method of consuming music. According to Erica Ogg (what's in a name), the component audio system is on its way out - thanks to the iPod and the commoditisation of music.
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RE[2]: 3 reasons for the decline
by Machster on Sat 24th May 2008 13:51 UTC in reply to "RE: 3 reasons for the decline"
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While it is possible to to put together a decent system (i.e. better than mass market, Japanese made such as Sony, Pioneer, Denon, etc.) that costs $2k, it would hardly be considered "audiophile" grade. And once someone starts to look into purchasing good equipment, if his ears are able to tell the difference, and they should, watch out for the inevitable upgradeitis.

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