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Multimedia, AV Many of us grew up with the idea of the component audio system. A receiver (or a separate preamplifier and amplifier), tuner (radio), record player, tape deck, and later on a CD player. If you were into more fancy stuff, you had a DAT or MiniDisc deck as well. While some of us cling on to this mindset like there's no tomorrow, the real world seems to favour a different method of consuming music. According to Erica Ogg (what's in a name), the component audio system is on its way out - thanks to the iPod and the commoditisation of music.
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I for one am semi audiophile
by Haicube on Sun 25th May 2008 07:20 UTC
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My equipment is in the cost range of 10 000$, however doing comparisons with systems costing up to twice as much I really fancy my own set-up better in terms of how it sound.

Regarding sounding "identical", I'm running a Tube amp which obviously has distorsion, but produces sound which is brilliant. Looking at facts is one thing, but hearing the actual sound is something else.

I'm seriously concerned with quite a few things in audiproduction. One of them is that producers on modern records add far to much gain which kills the middlerange in the music. Bad compressed music is another.

Why would one use MP3s when there is FLAC which is superior in almost all aspects of it except for storing space. However, storing is not a problem anymore.

And concerning Hi end HIFI equipment is on the way out, I'd contest the quite contrary. What is on the way out is the mid-end equipment. Anyone buying a whole set-up for 500$-1000$ is simply something which will soon end I believe. This is actually where the MP3/Ipod combo hits (basically Sony is the ones suffering, not Linn, Krell, Boulder, McIntosh, MBL and others). The real high-end is only a question of marketing to be honest. Anyone going to a high end hifi store sitting down listening to some music (especially classical) will simply consider listening to an iPod as _noise_ and be convinced what to buy when they have money.

That's my 2 cents...

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