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Window Managers The Equinox Desktop Environment is a small memory footprint desktop environment built on top of the extended FLTK toolkit ('Fast Light Tool Kit'). EDE features a desktop, a Windows-like panel with 'start' menu, taskbar, and system tray, support for theming, and graphical front-ends for software installation, xscreensaver configuration, and much more. took a look at EDE version 1.2.
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EDE has potential...
by UltraZelda64 on Sun 25th May 2008 11:48 UTC
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Being a longtime Windows user myself from Win95 all the way up until XP just a couple years ago, EDE had me interested from the start. I recall using it in STX, and while nice, it needed polish--which I expected it to get eventually. I later compiled it from source in my distro of choice, Zenwalk, and after fiddling around with it, I got it to start.

Now, I've compiled the latest version and installed it... and I'm stuck in the exact same place: actually getting it to start. Simply "add startede to .xinitrc" as the directions say doesn't work (I've tried adding to both the beginning and the end); Xfce still starts. Doing too many changes to the file leads to X not starting at all. Hopefully I get it soon, or I'll give up. I'm not finding much help searching Google. It doesn't add itself as an option to xwmconfig, either.

I think this is EDE's biggest problem... it aims to be an easy, familiar, Windows-like interface... but virtually no distros support it, meaning compile-and-screw-around-trying-to-get-it-to-work if you really want to try it. STX showed potential, but the project completely lost sight of its goals and went to hell... from being a lean and unique Slackware/EDE-based distro, to just another Slack with Xfce (why? There are already plenty...), to (even worse...) PCLinuxOS with Xfce (now known as SaxenOS, btw).

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