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GNU, GPL, Open Source Ivan Krstic' critique of the One Laptop Per Child Project has made its ripples around the pond of the intertubes. Apart from the obvious part where it criticises a major project from an insider's point of view, it also had a few other remarks that caught people's attention - most notably the admission that despite his ability to do Linux kernel hacking, his main development laptop is a Macintosh running Mac OS X.
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Been there, done that, now I'm back
by DoctorPepper on Mon 26th May 2008 21:39 UTC
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I tried "switching" to the Mac world in 2002. I got two of the 17" LCD iMacs (one for me, one for my wife), and it is a fine piece of hardware & software. Problem is, it just wasn't "Unix" enough for me, and the development I do, so I went back to Linux full-time a year or so later. I still have my iMac, it has been relegated to be the print server for my home network, and also maintains my iTunes library.

My wife, on the other hand, loved her iMac so much that when it died, I ended up buying her a MacBook Pro (15", core duo). That machine is still going strong. She isn't a developer, btw, she's an accountant, and much prefers the Mac/OSX to Windows on a PC.

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