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GNU, GPL, Open Source Ivan Krstic' critique of the One Laptop Per Child Project has made its ripples around the pond of the intertubes. Apart from the obvious part where it criticises a major project from an insider's point of view, it also had a few other remarks that caught people's attention - most notably the admission that despite his ability to do Linux kernel hacking, his main development laptop is a Macintosh running Mac OS X.
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You're Canadian, so you're forgiven. Canada + US != entire world, especially for Macs. Apple is an American company and it shows. If I were to buy a Mac on a smaller market, like here in Eastern Europe (no, we don't live in trees and we have electricity and broadband, thank you ;) ), I would pay A LOT.
And you're only comparing Apple to Dell/HP/brand name PC. Most techies can make their own PC or buy one custom made from a PC shop, so the value for money is greatly increased (for example most of the Macs are underpowered regarding video cards).

About laptops, I don't know, brand name PCs are probably better, because you want reliability. All desktop PCs are pretty reliable so you can go with a DIY. But I'd only buy an Apple desktop if I had lots of money (I mean LOTS) and little spare time. So do many Westerners, and that's why you buy Macs.

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