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Windows In spite of (or, thanks to?) Windows Vista, a recent release and all, Windows 7 has been getting a lot attention all over the web - even in the non-tech mainstream and print media. Since Microsoft is holding its cards close, people try to get by on little droplets of information, side remarks by Microsoft employees, slip-of-the-tongues, and, of course, plain-old forgery. PC World thinks these screenshots come from a scheduled May 2008 Windows 7 build, but if you look at them with a little more attention to detail, you will easily spot they are - at best - random mockups from Microsoft, or, - most likely - fake.
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RE: If I am Microsoft...
by daschmidty on Tue 27th May 2008 16:25 UTC in reply to "If I am Microsoft..."
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To sell Windows 7, I would start with a completely new GUI. Vista's GUI is terrible under every aspect, not only visually. I can't find anyone who likes it.
A completely new, pleasing GUI will make a good selling point... copy that from Apple!

Despite my many gripes with windows, I actually like the windows GUI (many would tell me that's the reason I am also a KDE user). Though aero is unnecessary and I generally just go with the "classic" win9x look. It behaves much more responsively than aero and doesn't get in the way of what I am doing. I find the layout of the taskbars etc to be intuitive, though that may partially be due to familiarity. The style windows uses is rather standard though. As a former OS/2 user, win9x didn't feel like such a radical change.

On the other hand, I, unlike you, have never taken a liking to the OSX gui. I find it a bit awkward to be honest. The dock i much bigger than it needs to be, and on a laptop or small monitor, it consumes alot of screen real estate for my liking. I also dislike the window minimizing behavior of the dock, in that it doesn't label things, so if for example, you have a bunch of documents open, they are indistinguishable when minimized because the thumbnails the dock uses are way too small to try and read text. I also have never been comfortable with the menu-bar-on-top philosophy, as it seems counter intuitive to me to have a menubar at the top of the screen if the window you are using it not full screen and at the bottom. Lastly, I never got used to the way the mac gui handles multiple opened windows on the desktop. The stacking and manipulation of windows feels awkward.

But anyways, I was not trying to bash OSX here, my point was simply that as someone who needs to use windows on a near daily basis, I would hate to see and windows 7 gui that resembled the mac. If I liked the OSX design, I would use OSX ;) . Some of us actually do like windows interface design.

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