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Windows So far, Microsoft has been very tight-lipped about Windows 7, carefully trying to prevent another Longhorn PR disaster where the company promised the heavens and more for Longhorn, but in the end ditched Longhorn to make way for Vista. Chris Flores (Windows Client Communications Team) as well as Steven Sinofsky, has broken the silence a little bit to talk about Windows 7. In addition, it is believed Windows 7 will make its first official debut at the D6 All Things Digital conference today, during a keynote held by Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates.
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... for Vista.

Windows most of the time did improvement evolution.
Windows 95 is a Windows 3.1 with extended model as DOS4GW, and ported a part of Win32 API from NT3.5

The same remains with Windows NT which is based on OS/2 foundation.

Changing the drivers sounds great and flourish, but is the same as they did with Windows 98 compared with Windows 95. Windows 98 added USB support (that can be installed separately in Windows 95 by the mainboard drivers), support for AGP cards (the nVidia or other drivers should use Windows 95 OSR2 to make it work not as a PCI card), but the improvements were really small.

Why Windows 98 was a bigger success than 95, and makes a lot of users to use it? Firstly cause was Windows 95, so everyone likes Windows 95 and it's applications can enjoy it more. What offers more? Polish and more things in the same package. All can be installed afterwards as from Windows 95 (excluding DirectX8.1 and 9.0, but 8.0a, released in 2001 still works).
One very interesting feature that it had, was that File Manager (similar with Explorer as file browser) was a part of Windows 98, to make the migration more gently, improved drag and drop, a much improved explorer, a ton of drivers, it does not have in high frequencies CPUs the "divizion by zero" error and kernel panic.

What will bring WIndows 7, probably an Windows 98, with not mixing two kind of dialogs: desktop theme and wallpaper keeps one style - the Aero one, and the Screen Saver and advanced properties to have ugly Windows 9x-XP like interface. The menus probably will be easier to manage as click count and names will be more intuitive. Another thing, is to polish and polish. Windows must to be the easiest way to use computers, not the sluggish way to do that as Vista apepars for many. Another good thing, is as in Windows 95, many applications will not require for now UAC installer gray screens.

So Windows 7 is Vista+1, as is Ubuntu for Linux, an improvment that works.

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