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GNU, GPL, Open Source Ivan Krstic' critique of the One Laptop Per Child Project has made its ripples around the pond of the intertubes. Apart from the obvious part where it criticises a major project from an insider's point of view, it also had a few other remarks that caught people's attention - most notably the admission that despite his ability to do Linux kernel hacking, his main development laptop is a Macintosh running Mac OS X.
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And this contradicts my post how? I did mention that laptops are a different category. But desktops are a whole different beast.
And BTW, there are other laptop makers outside of Dell, HP, IBM/Lenovo. I suppose you heard of Acer, Asus, Fujitsu Siemens, Sony, LG, MSI or Benq.
These are usually cheaper than Dell, for example.

BTW, why wouldn't you take the Thinkpad in that comparison? More USB ports, DVD drive, larger resolution, for the Thinkpad. 1 extra centimeter of laptop thickness isn't exactly a disaster...

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