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Windows So far, Microsoft has been very tight-lipped about Windows 7, carefully trying to prevent another Longhorn PR disaster where the company promised the heavens and more for Longhorn, but in the end ditched Longhorn to make way for Vista. Chris Flores (Windows Client Communications Team) as well as Steven Sinofsky, has broken the silence a little bit to talk about Windows 7. In addition, it is believed Windows 7 will make its first official debut at the D6 All Things Digital conference today, during a keynote held by Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates.
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something win7 needs
by Phobos on Wed 28th May 2008 03:37 UTC
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is not the registry...

MS should use their SoftGrid and do something like thinstall does... in a way that no app will ever touch the registry... even better, get the registry completely out and make legacy apps use a virtual registry (so easy to do that I actually do something like this on thinstall... too bad the original registry can't actually be removed... but at least I have it isolated)... this way you can easily guarantee the portabilization of the applications, you get rid of registry bloat and overall prevent constant reinstallations of the OS...

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