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Windows I personally doubted that Windows 7 would make an actual appearance during the Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer joint interview up on stage at the D6 conference, but as it turns out, it has made an appearance. During an interview conducted by Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher about Ballmer and Gates' past, present, and future, a short demo was given of Windows 7.
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by mallard on Wed 28th May 2008 07:53 UTC in reply to "Finally"
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Look at Google Desktop. MS was really shocked to see that happening. They already had the infrastructure built for years, but did not think about making a simple user interface. When they decided to do so, they were labeled "copycats".

They were labelled "copycats" because they were copycats. Microsoft had never had a significant presence in the web search business, yet as soon as Google start to become dominant they scramble together to make a "me too" product. That's what Microsoft do. As soon as they see somebody else doing something that is/they think will be successful, they copy it (or buy it if the company has not yet reached critical mass).

Windows -> Visi-On, Lisa, Mac, Xerox
Windows NT -> OS/2*, UNIX to an extent
Word -> WordPerfect, etc.
Excel -> Lotus 123
Internet Explorer -> Netscape, Mosaic
etc, etc.

*Microsoft initially partnered with IBM on OS/2 development, so it is not a straight copy.

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