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Graphics, User Interfaces Yesterday, during the opening hours of the D6 conference, Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher jointly interviewed Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates. While the interview dealt mostly with the past, Yahoo, and a bit of Vista, by far the most interesting part was the first ever public appearance of Vista's successor: Windows 7. Earlier today, the team behind D6 posted a video of the demonstration, which was conducted by Microsoft's Julie Larson-Green. From a graphical user interface point of view, there were some interesting things in there.
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It is pretty meaningless to first design an interface that greatly depends on multitouch, and just AFTER that start designing the technology behind it. That just is not an efficient way of doing stuff.

Besides, didn't they do it that way with Longhorn already? They showed us great demos of eye candy and "Coming in October 2003", afterwards realizing that they can't get it work as a single operating system, and had to dump pretty many lines of (to some extent) working code.

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