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Graphics, User Interfaces Yesterday, during the opening hours of the D6 conference, Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher jointly interviewed Steve Ballmer and Bill Gates. While the interview dealt mostly with the past, Yahoo, and a bit of Vista, by far the most interesting part was the first ever public appearance of Vista's successor: Windows 7. Earlier today, the team behind D6 posted a video of the demonstration, which was conducted by Microsoft's Julie Larson-Green. From a graphical user interface point of view, there were some interesting things in there.
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As far as I know, X already does this (sending drawing primitives across the network). On the other hand, its network performance isn't stellar, so there may be problems with either the protocol or the implementation (hence the need for NX or similar).

RDP also has an extension for this:
"For example, instead of sending the bitmap image of a filled rectangle from server to client, an order to render a rectangle at coordinate (X, Y) with a given width, height, and fill color is sent to the client. The client then executes the drawing order to produce the intended graphics result."

The point of sending bitmaps is that you waste bandwidth, but you save CPU. Which can be good for thin clients. I don't think it's a good trade off, but hey, I didn't create these protocols (VNC, RDP without this extension) ;)

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