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Debian and its clones Two companies previously mentioned as being involved with the project, Mandriva and Turbolinux, appear to not be participating at this time. Progeny Linux Systems continues to leading the way.
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Stressing a few points
by Anonymous Penguin on Tue 12th Jul 2005 21:22 UTC
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Firstly, Mandriva and Turbolinux taking part sounded just as a scoop, dismissed by a Mandriva official rep:

"Unlike other efforts to build a well-defined notion of Debian, most notably Ubuntu, this effort is very Debian-centricówe're not trying to replace Debian with something else, said Murdock."

I absolutely agree. I know many won't.

"We're also doing this in a community-centric way," Murdock said."

Agree, again.

"Looking at the business side of the matter, Murdock is "confident the story will be very attractive, because if you look at the installed base of Debian plus all the Debian derivatives, that represents a huge market worldwide."

"We undoubtedly dwarf Novell/SuSE in terms of volume, and for ISVs and IHVs, it's all about volume," Murdock said.

Some analysts think he makes a good point."

I believe that too.

"The question has never been whether Debian has the volume. It's always been, what does it mean to support Debian when there's so many different notions of what Debian is," Murdock said."

Dead-on, again.

Concluding, I very much hope they succeed. I hear too many irresponsible people talking about "the death of Debian"
Being Debian + its derivatives by far the most used distro and, IMO, the one with the best potential (thanks to its extreme flexibility), only the worst linux enemies can even consider the end of Debian.

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