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Windows We have learnt quite a lot about Windows 7 this week, and one of the things was that Windows 7 would not get a new kernel. The call for a new kernel has been made a few times on the internet, but anyone with a bit more insight into Windows' kernel knows that there is absolutely no need to write a new kernel for Windows - the problems with Windows lie in userland, not kernelland. While the authenticity of the Shipping Seven blog is not undisputed, the blogger makes some very excellent points regarding the kernel matter.
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RE[3]: Comment by FunkyELF
by Ophidian on Fri 30th May 2008 23:37 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by FunkyELF"
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Going to have to say that I have ran into many processes that task manager just would not kill for one reason or another, but Process Explorer had no issues. Sometimes task manager kills immediately, sometimes after about 1-10 minutes you get the "End Now" dialog, and sometimes that process just happily stays running in the background after telling the task manager where to stick it. I will grant that this latter situation is in the minority, but it definitely does happen. Before discovering Process Explorer the only way to get rid of these rogue pids was a reboot.

I want to say that the kill.exe command would get rid of them as well, but I do not recall if it came standard or if it was something I installed from a resource kit or powertools. I would go look but I don't have any Windows installations left. I have two fully legitimate licenses for Windows XP (not counting any prior versions), and no installed copies. Won't be installing Vista on any machine I own anytime soon.

He claimed that he regularly has processes that are not killable even in the task manager. I *think* I've run into this behavior once or twice - and procexp from Sysinternals was able to kill the process, but otherwise, 99.9% of the time task manager will do the job.

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