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Benchmarks The first webpage was served off a NeXTcube at CERN, Switzerland, developed by Tim Berners-Lee. He also wrote the first web browser, confusingly named WorldWideWeb - the world of web browsers has come a long way since then, more or less turning into a platform of their own. This puts increasing pressure on web browsers to be really really good pieces of software, and as such, ZDnet has a 7-page comparison of the world's major web browsers, comparing Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.
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opera 9.50 -> ff3
by kamil_chatrnuch on Sun 1st Jun 2008 00:29 UTC
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ok, i'm an opera user starting from the v6 days. because of some special circumstances i've now used firefox v3 (currently rc1) for almost 3-4 weeks. here're my impressions [all *very* subjective to my browsing habbits]:

- google pages are all supported and have a 'better', 'more rich-client like' feel to them.
- searching in the address bar is faster then with opera [opera gets 'stuck' sometimes]
- typing 2+ terms into the address bar bring's you often to the first google hit page

- the back button reloads the page. this is bad, because if i was in the middle of a (vertically) long page, followed a link, then tried going back it kicks me back at the begin of the page [ehm, or not (5%)]. also, i loose the filled-out forms when going back
- switching between tabs is just plain stupid [ctrl+tab]. i cycles through all the pages, instead of switching to the last-used one [plugin doesn't work with ff3]
- open closed tabs. there's undo function, which requires right-click on some of the tabs to undo the last tab. so if you want to open the 3rd closed tab, i have to open the 2nd and 1st too [plugin doesn't work with ff3]
- when opening more then 12 tabs [on my display], the tabs 'slide' away. this just feels wrong...
- bookmarks. i still don't know how to display all of them [not that i've giving it much though, but still...]
- no mouse gestures [plugin doesn't work with ff3]
- can't choose opening tabs in background/foreground in the right-click menu

this should not be a flame, so pls. add a virtual "for me" to every of the points.

these would be probably the biggest problems (for me). if you know solutions to them, i'm glad to hear them.

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