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Benchmarks The first webpage was served off a NeXTcube at CERN, Switzerland, developed by Tim Berners-Lee. He also wrote the first web browser, confusingly named WorldWideWeb - the world of web browsers has come a long way since then, more or less turning into a platform of their own. This puts increasing pressure on web browsers to be really really good pieces of software, and as such, ZDnet has a 7-page comparison of the world's major web browsers, comparing Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.
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Comment by SJ87
by sj87 on Sun 1st Jun 2008 02:15 UTC
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I don't know exactly what iBench and SunSpider do benchmark, but they sure don't implement any real world situations.

Firefox 3 is from somewhat to a lot slower than Opera when browsing idioticly designed webpages with lots of crap markup (ie. tables and stuff) or JavaScript (Facebook). Yea, Facebook does make even Opera freeze up from time to time, but Firefox affects even music playback, making it uncontinuous sometimes.

Firefox 3 even seems slower when rendering webpages with little to none interactive content (compared to Opera or Konqueror or Safari). It sure is faster than its predecessor, but still not quite on the same level with others. Or maybe it's just that I don't have a multicore system with this and that, only a mid-class single core hardware.

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