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Graphics, User Interfaces As I already explained in the first Usability Terms article, consistency goes a long way in ensuring a pleasurable user experience in graphical user interfaces. While some user interfaces appear to be more graphically consistent than others, Windows has always appeared to be worse than most others - probably because it carries with it stuff that dates back to the 16bit era. IStartedSomething agrees with this, and started the Windows UI TaskForce.
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RE[6]: Why?
by StephenBeDoper on Sun 1st Jun 2008 23:23 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Why?"
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Sadly, that sort of thing has become the rule rather than the exception here. The standard seems to be: either you're rabidly, dogmatically opposed to everything that Microsoft does - or - prepare to be labeled a Microsoft shill.

That is bad enough, what blows my mind is that there were 3 other people who saw something completely inane, but noticing it had Microsoft and DRM in the same paragraph, decided it was clever, and voted it up.

Often times, the comment score is only useful as a measure of how strongly the echo chamber effect is in a particular comment thread.

The truly amusing part is that there are posters here who appear to be steadfastly-convinced that OSNews is absolutely crawling with Microsoft advocates. Anyone who believes that should seriously head over to the ArsTechnica "Battlefront" forum and look up the posting histories of folks like PeterB, Paul Hill, seta, Venture, EvilMerlin, or pdampier (who is in fact an employee of Microsoft).

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