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KDE KDE 4.1, which is supposed to become the KDE4 version usable by 'normal' people, is coming at the end of July. When Ars reviewed the beta release, they were positive in that it was moving forward at an "extraordinary pace". Despite the positive notions in the news, many seem to have problems actually seeing all the new stuff being done in KDE4 - just like how people fail to see the massive amount of work put into Vista. KDE developer Rafael Fernandez Lopez (I'm sorry for the lack of diacritical marks, an OSNews bug we're working on) decided to put together a screencast showing off all the new stuff coming in KDE 4.1.
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by reldruh on Mon 2nd Jun 2008 00:01 UTC
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For those interested in how stable it is, I can vouch for the fact that the stability has been increasing hand in hand with features. Things that used to bring it to a crawl within a few minutes (like playing the breakout clone) now have no noticeable effect on performance, compositing effects never crash on me anymore, all the applications I've tried are pretty stable (amarok, kontact, etc.). A lot of that has happened in the last month and if it keeps improving at the same rate for the next ~2 months it's going to be great.

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