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KDE KDE 4.1, which is supposed to become the KDE4 version usable by 'normal' people, is coming at the end of July. When Ars reviewed the beta release, they were positive in that it was moving forward at an "extraordinary pace". Despite the positive notions in the news, many seem to have problems actually seeing all the new stuff being done in KDE4 - just like how people fail to see the massive amount of work put into Vista. KDE developer Rafael Fernandez Lopez (I'm sorry for the lack of diacritical marks, an OSNews bug we're working on) decided to put together a screencast showing off all the new stuff coming in KDE 4.1.
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RE: Screen estate
by Knuckles on Mon 2nd Jun 2008 08:47 UTC in reply to "Screen estate"
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For starters, when you lock the widgets the button on the panel goes away (and I think the locked is the normal state, as I guess you don't resize and reposition widgets every day).

As for the icons, the plan is to make it possible for them to cover the desktop (because the whole desktop can be just one widget/plasmoid), but it's not there yet, and unfortunately might not be for 4.1.

I for one always wanted to have several groups of icons on the desktop that grouped together and didn't mix, so for me this feature is very cool.

Finally, come on, what is kde4? Is it just plasma? Kwin? If you don't like plasma or kwin, nobody's stopping you from using gnome-* or xfce-* or whatever replacements of those utilities, and use other kde4 apps all the same. You even have the gtk-qt4 engine if you want all of them to use qt, or the qgtkstyle if you want all of them to use gtk, so what's there to complain?

I for one use the apps I like on any of my computers, be it under gnome or kde4 or kde3.

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