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General Development Ars has just published part three in their series "From Win32 to Cocoa", in which Peter Bright explains why he thinks "Windows is dying, Windows applications suck, and Microsoft is too blinkered to fix any of it." Part one dealt with the history of both development platforms, part two dived into .Net, different types of programmers, and Windows Vista, and part three details the development platform and tools Apple has to offer, and in what ways they are superior or inferior to Windows'.
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Comment by GStepper
by GStepper on Mon 2nd Jun 2008 16:09 UTC
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The theorical advantage of Java is portability.

- Why are the SUN's cross-plateform application (for instance Open Office) not fully written in Java ?

- Will we ever see a VirtualBox written in Java ? I doubt so...

Numerous other apps could be written using the advantage of portability, however I've never seen photoshop or Cubase written fully in Java. Now a simple clue. Portability's drawback is performance...
Beyond the portability myth are simple facts...

.Net: I'm sorry I can't think of any application that is used everyday by million of users and is written using only .Net/C#....

I have no doubt this is a great plateform for developping application I just wonder why even Microsoft doens't use it for all their home-made application...

Objective-C: Is a very simple OO language, basically an OO layer (the smalltalk way) above plain C.

In contrast, Apple uses this language in virtually all their apps. Millions of people use ObjC written applications. There are thousands applications written using ObjC and Cocoa (or GNUstep).

Guess what ? I love ObjC

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