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General Development Ars has just published part three in their series "From Win32 to Cocoa", in which Peter Bright explains why he thinks "Windows is dying, Windows applications suck, and Microsoft is too blinkered to fix any of it." Part one dealt with the history of both development platforms, part two dived into .Net, different types of programmers, and Windows Vista, and part three details the development platform and tools Apple has to offer, and in what ways they are superior or inferior to Windows'.
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Flexibility = Instability.

It really comes to what you want to use the language for. Objective-C isn't a one-size-fits-all thing. This way you would have to disregard all dynamic languages (PHP, Smalltalk, Perl, Ruby, Self, Python, to just name a few) as ill approaches.

Objective-C is a poor man's object-oriented language, circa 1990. It doesn't go far enough in implementing the kinds of useful features that C++ provides, and I'm stunned that anybody would want to use it when they could be using C++.

On the other side one could argue that C++ is so bloated that most programmers don't use even one third of the language's features in their work. Some languages are designed maximalistically (C++), some minimalistically (ObjC, Ruby, Self). It really comes down to taste.

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