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Graphics, User Interfaces As I already explained in the first Usability Terms article, consistency goes a long way in ensuring a pleasurable user experience in graphical user interfaces. While some user interfaces appear to be more graphically consistent than others, Windows has always appeared to be worse than most others - probably because it carries with it stuff that dates back to the 16bit era. IStartedSomething agrees with this, and started the Windows UI TaskForce.
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RE[7]: Why?
by superstoned on Tue 3rd Jun 2008 18:26 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Why?"
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Not often. I do often use the example of Flash being evil (that's not MS but Adobe), and I also mention WordPerfect who did their share of nasty stuff trying to keep MS from kicking their asses back in the nineties. So it's just natural MS learned from their tricks and used the MS Word format to keep their dominance for a long time. And what about Apple and the tricks surrounding their iPods and iTunes?

I must confess I consider MS especially evil, but I also think it's just the way proprietary software business works.

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