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Features, Office Last week, IBM unveiled the first version of their offshoot, Lotus Symphony. Symphony is aimed at professional users in a corporate environment, but brings to many UI enhancements in an attractive, single tabbed interface. Symphony 1.0 runs on Windows and Linux; while the site used to suggest a Mac version was forthcoming, there is currently no reference to a Mac native version of Symphony. The Lotus Symphony website has been updated to reflect the recent release, however, downloads are very slow at the moment "due to high demand."
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OOo's speed is much improved but stay away from this Lotus Symphony garbage. I used to work for IBM and I can tell you that they really decided to suck on the Java-everywhere crack pipe.

Their apps do some interesting things but the performance hit with their implementations is horrendoous.
If you need to run more than one of their apps in a production environment, I suggest that you don't go cheap on your desktops and laptops.
You should also consider QOS if you run their messaging tool, SameTime

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