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Features, Office Last week, IBM unveiled the first version of their offshoot, Lotus Symphony. Symphony is aimed at professional users in a corporate environment, but brings to many UI enhancements in an attractive, single tabbed interface. Symphony 1.0 runs on Windows and Linux; while the site used to suggest a Mac version was forthcoming, there is currently no reference to a Mac native version of Symphony. The Lotus Symphony website has been updated to reflect the recent release, however, downloads are very slow at the moment "due to high demand."
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I feel your pain in this, as I have experienced it before. One thing going for working in a large corporation: PC banding. IE: we all run the same operating system, the same office suite, the same email client and web browser.

Some of the other "associates" are getting new laptops. I've only had mine for a year, so unless it breaks, I'm stuck with it for a while longer. Anyway, these new laptops (Dell, can't remember the model) all come with Vista pre-installed, but since our corporation has an XP site license, they get re-imaged with XP and which ever MS Office suite we're currently using.

Everybody in the entire corporation uses the same software, including consultants. I have to say, it makes life a lot easier for everyone.

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