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Mac OS X Mac OS X 10.5, Leopard, may only be six months old, but rumours are already abound as to the next update to Apple's operating system. According to several sources, it's going to be called Snow Leopard, it won't contain any major new features, and is planned to go gold master December 2008, available a month later. The big rumour: it's going to be available for 64bit Intel machines only.
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RE[3]: Doubt it
by Larz on Thu 5th Jun 2008 00:41 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Doubt it"
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Don't be so smug, Kroc.

A LOT of Mac users battle with OS updates just as much as Windows users do - in fact, the recent 10.5.3 update caused quite some problems for people.

I am a long term Windows user and a not so long term Mac OS X user. While I certainly agree that there are problems with Mac OS X updates (and more than previous verions it seems?) I have still found updating less errorprone than in Windows. I think updates to Mac OS X are more incremental than they are in Windows, and this makes them less suspectible to problems.

My personal experience is that there is a huge difference from WinXP SP2 to Vista, whereas the jump from Tiger to Leopard was smaller (despite the much hyped 300+ new features).

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