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Windows Microsoft is hard at work trying to battle the public and businesses' perception about Windows Vista. They already published a whitepaper named "Five Misunderstood Features in Windows Vista", detailing some of what they believe are misunderstandings. Now, they also published a document wit five reasons to deploy Windows Vista - and why you shouldn't wait for Windows 7.
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by cjcox on Thu 5th Jun 2008 16:57 UTC
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Why you should move to Vista now...

1. XP stinks. Yes. You probably already knew that, but it does. It's the most bug ridden awful product we ever produced. You would be better off living in a hole in Iraq than to use XP. It stinks. Can believe anyone deployed it. Yuk!

2. Vista simply smells a whole lot better. Unlike XP, which we never intended for actual use, Vista is designed for every user device from your 4-way power sucking desktop, to those cutesy turtle like notebooks that everyone is buying. And with Vista, you won't have to worry about people watching videos or playing games on their low end notebooks. Vista is engineered to make those things nearly impossible. Vista will eliminate this security risk and potential loss of work productivity.

3. Vista is prettier. Let's face it. First and foremost in the minds of your employees is how good an interface looks. Remember Windows 1.0? Wow, what a stinker that was. Windows 3.0 brought you 3D widgets on top of that already impressive platform and it sold like hotcakes!! But Windows 3.0 is yesterday's news. XP added lots of glowing to stuff and productivity soared! Vista makes things flip and fade... you'll absolutely fall in love with it. Primitive interfaces decrease morale and makes everyone want to go job hunting. Don't let those good employees leave. Install Vista instead.

4. Don't make us kill you. Lastly we really don't want to get mean about making you move to Vista. Please let 1-3 be your guide.... this step is only if you're not totally convinced yet. If you do stay with XP, you "might" get infected with an ugly virus. It might happen just as we drop support for XP. I said "might". Also, if you don't switch, you "might" end up with a higher annual bill to Microsoft. You never know.

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