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Windows While I can personally attest for the gains Microsoft made when it comes to Windows Vista's performance between its release-to-manufacture November 2006 and now, there is no denying the fact that Vista simply isn't made for running on lower-specced computers. In addition, while Vista brings interesting new features and massive overhauls of many subsystems, a lot of people simply don't like it. Sadly for them, Windows XP is going out-of-sale 30 June. However, there are plenty of loopholes - PC World listed them.
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by Moredhas on Fri 6th Jun 2008 01:21 UTC in reply to "XP"
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I don't think they want to stop people getting XP either. If they, hypothetically, managed to prevent Windows XP from running, even the pirate installs, with update turned off, people wouldn't shell out for a copy of Vista. They'd have a look at Linux, just to keep their old hardware alive. That, or they'd throw it out, and pay roughly $3000 for a relatively future-proof machine. Unless, of course, Microsoft decides to f--k people over again with DirectX, like they did to the early adopters. When people bought Vista, and a DirectX 10 compatible video card, Microsoft went and rendered them all useless with DirectX 10.1.

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