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Linux Linus Torvalds - a classic example of the love-it-or-hate-it type of person. Brilliant programmer, of course, and the father of one of the most extraordinary software projects in the world, but sometimes, he can be utterly arrogant any annoying, yet the other moment completely sensible and utterly spot-on in his statements. CBR listed the ten best Linus Torvalds quotes.
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by Lengsel on Sat 7th Jun 2008 00:00 UTC
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Before I get it to it, let me say I am an avid OpenBSD user, I used OpenBSD on several machines exclusively. I personally find it the easiest OS to maintain. I am also willing to use FreeBSD and PC-BSD sometimes, and trying to get a couple people turned onto the next release of PC-BSD.

That being said, so you know what angle I am coming from, "Brilliant programmer"? Ok, if you say so. "father of one of the most extraordinary software projects in the world" ummmmm, what? That sounds like a biased software love-affair. If you want to have a high opinion of Linus, your choice, if you like some of the things he has said over the years, your choice, if you're a Linux fan, again, that's your choice. But sounding like you think he is a big hero of the software world? ummmm no. Statements like that and you're slowly turning parts of this into an opinion piece. You can't be calling his work "extraordinary", while ignoring how revolutionary FreeBSD ports was, how superior the OpenBSD documentation was when it started, or how PF simplified the whole process for writing rules for a firewall in a big way and for packet inspection. Need to level the playing field for what articles get posted.

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