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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu With Breezy Badger on its way its time for the announcement of what the next +1 release will be called, and the Ubuntu team has decided that the next +1 release (6.04) will be called The Dapper Drake. This release of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years after release, and the Ubuntu developers are going to work as hard and as long as possible on Dapper Drake, as it's what they're going to release in response to MS's release of Windows Vista.
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Ubuntu, a new hope?
by werfu on Thu 15th Sep 2005 18:04 UTC
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I've tried Warty and it was crap, but I'm actualy using Kubuntu Hoary, which is by now, my prefered KDE-tuned distro. I'm looking greatly toward the breezy stabilization and I'm whishing Ubuntu will go on and on, because it make such a great distro. Sure other will compare it to RH, or Mandrivia, or Suse... but hey, this is free software, not crap you gotta pay for.

I'm glad the Ubuntu team is looking toward Vista, because if they can get X11R7, KDE4.0, Gnome 3 to work and have them be as full of eyes candy than Windows (remember the KDE Plasma projet?) it will hurt M$ a lot. Getting XGL would be even cooler, but hum, it's still far far away.

But for now, Ubuntu got to have this:
- A better graphic-mode package manager, as efficiant as Aptitude, and even more.
- A graphic-mode installer
- An out of the box support for MP3 and other commercial standard
- Merge the installation discs of the three branch, so you could select witch Ubuntu flavor you want during the installation and not during the download.
- Have the possiblity to use scripts during the installation to make custom builded distro on Ubuntu base (would be usefull in entreprise environnement) la M$ RIS.
- Have a better integration in the PAM support, having a possibility to log against an Active Directory or LDAP three.
- Have a server way, proposing a global gesture of parameter and authentification of user, la Active Diretory using Kerberos and LDAP and integrate it with Samba, so Windows machine would work in Ubuntu domain.
- More support for user gadget, like webcam, usb scanner (I know it's kernel side, but I guess there should be at least one guy in the distro sitting at the kernel dev table)

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