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Linux Linus Torvalds - a classic example of the love-it-or-hate-it type of person. Brilliant programmer, of course, and the father of one of the most extraordinary software projects in the world, but sometimes, he can be utterly arrogant any annoying, yet the other moment completely sensible and utterly spot-on in his statements. CBR listed the ten best Linus Torvalds quotes.
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RE[6]: Torvalds
by krreagan on Sun 8th Jun 2008 03:01 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Torvalds "
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It's a huge monolithic "hacked" piece of SW when it should have been an "engineered" piece of SW.

What is the difference between a "monolithic hacked piece of sw" and "engineered piece of sw"? Windows NT kernel too is a monolithic kernel, yet you aren't complaining about it. And what do you mean with "hacked"? The fact that it has been brought together by developers around the world for free instead of a company who has hired them to work on the kernel around the world? Just stating a fact doesn't make one design decision better or worse than an other, mostly because they are based on opinions or because they are suited for one task better than another one. So, Krreagan, please do explain in-depth what is wrong with the Linux kernel? Because if you fail to describe the real reasons WHY you think one or another feature is inferior to some other implementation then you are just trying to spread some bulls*it here and no one will believe you.

This discussion is not about NT (or its legacy), for which I am more or less ignorant about its design and implementation.

"hacked" is a piece of SW that has no real design, it's just regurgitated as its hacked together! It's characterized by large amounts of debugging, recoding and re-debugging, typically more time is spent in the debugging phase then in the coding phase. Can you show me a detailed design document for the (extremely complex) Linux kernel? I doubt it, and one that was written after the coding does not count.

An engineered piece of SW is thoroughly designed beforehand, the coding is almost a formality. advanced algorithms are prototyped and tested ahead of time, not during the coding phase...

This is one reason why software engineering will never (in the foreseeable future at least) be seen as a true engineering discipline!... because hacking is too prevalent.

My use of the term monolithic was not directed at the (lack of a) design of the kernel as both (monolithic and micro) have their strong and weak points, but that is another discussion.

I'm not an evangilist in this religoous war I was just providing my opinion!


(BTW I do embedded development on PPC linux systems and am appalled that it is being used in aerospace embedded systems. If it was not for the fact that I have a family to support...)

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