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OSNews, Generic OSes The partitioning 'live' CD known as Partition Logic, which is a specially-configured version of the alternative operating system Visopsys, has been chosen as one of PC World magazine's "The 100 Best Products of 2008". Okay, so it's only at number 96, but it's still an honour.
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RE: What gives?
by andymc on Sun 8th Jun 2008 21:39 UTC in reply to "What gives?"
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Unless I'm missing something, Partition Logic seems like a rather neutered version of the GParted live CD. Can't do ext3, can't do reiser, can't do GPT/GUID, etc, etc...

It seems to me that either Partition Logic must offer one slick user experience (which, judging from screenshots, doesn't seem to be the case), or the people at PCWorld are rather ignorant of what FOSS partitioning software is actually out there.

A lot of what you say is true, though 0.7 can do GPT/GUID. But, respectfully, that's not the point.

First of all, Windows users like it because it's simpler, and cleaner, and smaller, and faster to boot and run than GParted and others (GParted or UBCD or Ranish might be a piece of cake for you and I, but think about your average Windows user) and it's free unlike Partition Magic. GParted and Partition Magic are better programs, but Partition Logic can mostly do what Windows users want to do. The program itself is not targeted at Linux users or OSNews readers.

But here's the real point: Because of Partition Logic, 200,000+ users download a copy of Visopsys every month. That's not too bad for a hobby OS. And I guess that's why OSNews readers might care about it.

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