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Legal The story of Hans Reiser, the eccentric file system programmer, is a tragic one. The author of the ReiserFS was arrested under suspicion of the murder of his wife Nina Reiser in 2006, and was declared guilty in April 2008. Some still placed doubts about the conviction, stating that he might be innocent. It now seems that all doubt has been quelled, since Alameda County District Attorney Thomas Orloff has revealed that Hans Reiser will disclose the location of Nina's body for a reduced sentence.
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The story of Nina Reiser, slain wife of eccentric file system programmer Hans Reiser, is a tragic one.

I used "tragic" in a different manner than is usually the case in English. I'm referring to the Aristotle definition of tragedy, explained in his work Poetics. It basically comes to a play with a sad ending, but the key element is that the sad thing that happens to the main character is something that arises from his or her OWN imperfections - not through someone else's nor by his or her environment. Like Hans Reiser.

By this classical definition, the story of Nina Reiser is, in fact, not exactly Aristotelean tragedy.

Now, I probably pushed it a little too far for a general audience by being so technical, but hey, I got to put my Latin/Greek education to use somewhere. Didn't spend all those useless hours studying for nothing.

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