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Legal The story of Hans Reiser, the eccentric file system programmer, is a tragic one. The author of the ReiserFS was arrested under suspicion of the murder of his wife Nina Reiser in 2006, and was declared guilty in April 2008. Some still placed doubts about the conviction, stating that he might be innocent. It now seems that all doubt has been quelled, since Alameda County District Attorney Thomas Orloff has revealed that Hans Reiser will disclose the location of Nina's body for a reduced sentence.
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RE: Interesting news...
by Moredhas on Mon 9th Jun 2008 05:00 UTC in reply to "Interesting news..."
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What do you expect of technology news sites? This is OS News, linking to Wired, and Hans Reiser's personal life (guilty or not), or the personal life of anyone in the industry, shouldn't be a part of technology news. It may sound callous, but if this were a case about anyone else, we wouldn't care (at least not as much as we do).

If, on the other hand, the story were on a criminal news site (there must be a few, but I don't know of them), then ReiserFS would be totally irrelevant. It would just be a story about a man suspected and convicted, however flimsily, of murdering his wife.

Just my two cents: whether or not he's guilty, having no crime scene, no weapon, and no witness to any actual crime shouldn't have resulted in a conviction.

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