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Linux "In a recent article, Linux File Systems: Ready for the Future?, Henry Newman expands on what he feels are shortcomings in current GNU/Linux filesystems. Specifically, he believes current Linux filesystem technology cannot meet the demands that massive implementations of 100TB or larger require. He states he received some emotional responses trying to either refute his information or impugn his character, although those comments do not show on either of the article's pages. This prompted me to get the real scoop on how Linux filesystem technology is trying to keep pace with the ever-growing need for storage space."
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RE: and the winner is ?
by panzi on Tue 10th Jun 2008 15:38 UTC in reply to "and the winner is ?"
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How did you measure the performance of your system? Is it just the felt speed? I read a benchmark once which stated that JFS is the fastest Linux filesystem. Even faster than ext2 (and jfs *does* have a journal, ext2 don't). I think this benchmark was linked here on osnews somewhere, but I don't have the link at hand.

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