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X11, Window Managers Phoronix has up an article looking at the release of X Server 1.4.1. This maintenance release for X.Org, which many open-source operating systems depend upon for living in a graphically-rich world, is coming more than 200 days late and it doesn't even clear the BugZilla release blocker bug. According to Phoronix, there are more problems for than just this one.
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the question is...
by stabbyjones on Wed 11th Jun 2008 03:26 UTC
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In the day where there are corporate dollars helping developers focus on developing why has X fallen so far behind on it's goals?

Is there too much focus on the end result (ie, compiz, plasma) rather than the the basis of the entire visual experience? I for one would much rather put my money into X than into wobbly windows. (as fun as that it. ;) )

Leaving bugs unsolved and dropping features doesn't sound like a great way to improve the standing of open source software.

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