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Benchmarks Green, power reduction, and climate change are all the rage these days, and the world of computers is not off the hook on this one. Software and hardware manufacturers are trying hard to keep power consumption down - while first something for mostly mobile computers, desktops and servers are now part of the effort too. PC World tested Windows Server 2008 and two Linux server offerings and compared their power usage patterns.
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Wrong view
by Doca on Wed 11th Jun 2008 12:59 UTC
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"Greener computing" are the hot words on the IT media, but the concept is not in the CIO's head. The only exception I can remember is Google and even then is not about saving energy, is about using alternative energy sources.

As far as I can tell, only small companies care about saving energy on servers because they pay the bill. When the servers are hosted on datacenters, things goes like "it's not my business" and I can't remember a single Datacenter saying things like "hey, we'll cause 'little' performance impact on your servers to save energy, is that OK?". No customer would agree to that.

Greener computing on server systems does not sound the right thing to be concerned. Putting OSes side-by-side is like asking to create another useless flamewar.

"... and the next article in the series is 'Achieving server performance on laptops.'"


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