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Gnome The KDE project saw the writing on the wall. They saw that they had reached a certain limit when it came to what could be done with the KDE 3.x series - they named it the "big friggin' wall", and decided that in order to get over that wall, incremental updates wouldn't do - they needed massive changes, a big jump, and they went for it. It's been a rough road, but it seems as if KDE 4.1 is showing signs of the vision becoming a reality. And it now seems as if several people within the GNOME community are seeing the writing on the wall too: GNOME 2.x has reached its goal - now what?
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RE: "Exciting"?
by Noremacam on Wed 11th Jun 2008 13:26 UTC in reply to ""Exciting"?"
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Ditto Ditto Ditto! The fact the article argues against the HIG(as though exciting-ness somehow trumps usability), made me roll my eyes.

I love gnome just the way it is, and I love the incremental improvements. The fact it gets the job done and gets the heck out of my way is it's greatest testament.

I don't do much programming lately, but if I understand gtk to be difficult to program for, and has a too limited toolkit, then I'd love to see a gtk 3, if nothing more than to potentially increase the number and quality of gnome applications. But I don't want my desktop radically changed around just because the old way isn't flashy enough. In my opinion, the HIG isn't broken and doesn't need fixed.

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