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Opera Software Opera 9.5 has been released, beating Firefox 3.0 to the punch which is supposed to be released soon as well. The marketing speak: "Opera's cross-device expertise, support for open Web standards and commitment to speed and performance culminate to create the most powerful Opera browser yet. Making its desktop debut in Opera 9.5, Opera Link blurs the boundaries between computers and mobile phones by enabling a seamless Web experience from device to device." Get it from
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Just two days after the RC
by TLZ_ on Thu 12th Jun 2008 12:07 UTC
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That's certainly the shortest RC I know of.
And I would say it was a mistake do have it that short.

Personally I find this "final" version to me quite unstable to the (rock solid) RC. I just installed the final... and within 30 seconds I had it crash on me.

Of course, it was a page with flash-content, but flash haven't crashed Opera that easily on the RC.

I sincerely hope this is a mistake. Sureley they can't release so unstable software? (Or I hope: I'm unluck, but from comments on other sites it doesen't look that way.)

This is *not* the quality I'm used to see on a an actual final release from Opera software. ;)

EDIT: Aside from that stability issue it's excellent of course! Though the skin have some bugs(more precicely: kinda kills the flexibility I'm used with Opera regarding the GUI.)

But it's faster than ever and having many tabs is no problem.

Dragonfly is not up to par with Firebug yet(the Opera-devs admit this) but it's at least making progress, and I wouldn't be suprised if it's on Firebug's level on day. What's interesting is if it will ever surpass Firebug. Now that's a challange!

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