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Apple We're continuing our detailed coverage of all the bits and pieces dripping from the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Fransisco. As you all might recall, Apple bought a chip company called P.A. Semi not too long ago, a maker of low-power PowerPC chips, fuelling rumours Apple might use them in its own products such as the iPhone and iPod. This has now been confirmed by His Steveness himself.
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RE[2]: not PowePC!
by krreagan on Thu 12th Jun 2008 14:33 UTC in reply to "RE: not PowePC!"
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"I doubt that Apple will use the Power arch again! My guess is that they will put the team to work on a Arm clone that's super low power and very fast.


Time to market says otherwise.

In what way? Apple has already had to come out and say they will continue the PPC support at P.A. for the Military, not their commercial products. I think SJ felt burned by Moto and IBM for their (lack of) support for low power and fast PPC processors. After all that has been the main reason given as to why Apple left the PPC arch in the first place.

They won't develop for a new PPC device in the foreseeable future. they may or may not continue support for their legacy products in the White Cat edition!, that is up to them.


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