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Legal The story of Hans Reiser, the eccentric file system programmer, is a tragic one. The author of the ReiserFS was arrested under suspicion of the murder of his wife Nina Reiser in 2006, and was declared guilty in April 2008. Some still placed doubts about the conviction, stating that he might be innocent. It now seems that all doubt has been quelled, since Alameda County District Attorney Thomas Orloff has revealed that Hans Reiser will disclose the location of Nina's body for a reduced sentence.
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RE: So to get this right ...
by steogede2 on Fri 13th Jun 2008 16:52 UTC in reply to "So to get this right ..."
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... he has given them the indication that he knows where the body is? Or are they coming to him with a deal saying the only improvement you could even dream of getting is if you tell us where a body is? Just to be clear I read that article right.

As far as I can see, the article doesn't clearly state who approached whom or what Reiser has admitted. The article didn't leave me with the impression that Reiser has admitted to knowing where the body was or even that there was a body. Then again, neither did it leave me with the impression that the prosecutors approached Reiser.

Clearly the prosecutors and the author of the Wired article wants us to believe that the first case is true, however they don't provide any information to back that up - which makes me automatically think the second case is more likely. Surely if Reiser approached the DA, the DA would make sure the press knew that - likewise Reiser would only admit to the body once the deal was in place.

I certainly don't see the article provides positive proof of Reiser's guilt - but neither am I saying that he is definitely innocent - just that nothing so far has convinced me of his guilt. Neither does the information that juror no.7 disclosed lead me to especially trust judgment of the jurors ( - he just sounds like a Daily Mail reader (sort of like a British Fox News).

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