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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris The Register has reviewed OpenSolaris, and concludes: "Sun has made good on its promise to deliver OpenSolaris, the company's Unix-based answer to Linux, with a company-supported, commercial update arriving in mid-May. Although far from a complete product, the latest OpenSolaris is impressive and in the long run could prove a viable alternative to Linux."
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RE[2]: Old Principles
by Darkness on Sat 14th Jun 2008 10:21 UTC in reply to "RE: Old Principles"
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I KNOW! lets all have a big f--king teletubbie doll with a touchscreen in its belly, then we can have various hotkeys located around its body. OH! i got one more stroke of brilliance going here, maybe instead of having a reset button, we just have a G-meter in its head, and if we punch it really hard in the head, it means we want a cold reboot!

Haha, best comment I read in weeks ;)

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