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General Development Peteris Krumins has written a three-part article series on his blog about using Bash effectively. The three parts are Editing commands in Emacs editing mode, Editing commands in Vi editing mode, and Definitive guide to Bash command line history. All three articles come with 'cheat sheets' in .pdf and .txt format so you can memorise the commands and shortcuts easier.
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vi Mode
by DoctorPepper on Sun 15th Jun 2008 20:58 UTC
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I've been using Unix and Linux for almost 10 years now, and had never used the vi mode, until I started my present job about 14 months ago. I spend most of my day in the Solaris console using the Korn shell, and found out real fast that "set -o vi" added to your ~/.profile file could be a life saver!

I couldn't even think of using the console without the vi mode any longer.

Good set of articles, btw.

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